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Welcome to the online home of the Princeton Judo Club! Our dojo is located in the APR room of the Princeton YWCA in Princeton, New Jersey. We welcome any member of the community, including children, and train for all levels of competition. Visitors are always welcome to the club. For more information, read on or send e-mail to

Judo is an Olympic sport that can be played by judoka of any age, weight, gender, or strength. Judo (柔道) is literally translated as the “gentle way”, but is best understood through its fundamental tenet of “maximum efficiency, minimum effort”. Judo was founded by Dr. Jigoro Kano in 1882, who developed it from jiu-jitsu, the traditional Japanese art of hand-to-hand combat. Unlike most martial arts, judo does not involve striking (punching or kicking). Because it is a sport, it follows a body of rules intended to keep competitors safe, making it a suitable activity for almost anyone.

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